Talia’s Northwest Passage and Europe Bucket List

Well, I’m just gonna go ahead and say that so far I have definitely not been the person in my family who is most excited about this trip. But, there are some things that I am really looking forward to. Here is a list (I’ll try to keep it to ten things) :

  1.  Seeing Narwhals in the Northwest Passage (how cool does that sound or what!) narwhal3.jpg
  2. Seeing the Lipizzaner Stallions in Austria ( they are pretty much big, beautiful, white horses that have been professionally trained to do ballet)lippizaner.jpg
  3. Eating Italian food in Italy (Delicious!)italian-food-from-italy-9.jpg
  4.  Riding Icelandic Ponies in Iceland (They are so cute!)icelandic horse.jpg
  5. Exploring Medieval Castles in France ( I’ve always loved history, and these look so beautiful!)Image result for medieval castle france
  6. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris ( Who wouldn’t want to do this?)Image result for eiffel tower
  7.  Making friends with the natives of The Northwest Passage ( Why not?)Image result for inuit
  8. Seeing the Aurora Borealis ( The Northern Lights) from Alaska to Norway.Image result for northern lights
  9. Soaking in the Blue Lagoon, in Iceland ( It’s a natural hot spring in the middle of a freezing place! How cool is that!)Image result for blue lagoon iceland
  10. Doing hands on science in the arctic, and helping to spread the word about climate change!Image result for climate change