Boatwork from a kid’s perspective


Well there’s fun boatwork, and not so fun boatwork. I like the blogging part of boatwork, but not so much the cleaning out the bilge part… So here are some tips to make boatwork more enjoyable. (Mostly it makes kids boatwork more enjoyable)


1. Bring an audio book/MP3player or some music to rock out to.

Distracts the mind.


2. Snacks.

Brings up the mood.


3. Rewards

Like ice cream or going to a toy store.


4. Family

Don’t want to get lonely, plus you can crack jokes with them.



5. Getting paid

See number three. (Take the money to the store with you.)



Remember boatwork is not always fun, but it has to be done!

(That’s what my parents say…)