Introducing our crew: Becca and John

When Graeme and I sailed across the Pacific, we were pretty much solo. Friends and family would come visit for a stretches, but we never took on formal crew. For this adventure, however, we want all the help we can get. We’ll be venturing into less-traveled waters. Colder temps. Melting ice. With kids aboard. (Plus, it takes four adults to play one of our favorite card games, Hand and Foot.)

Enter our illustrious crew: Becca and John Guillote.

We first met John during a Race to the Straits years ago when we towed his engineless Moore 24 home through a gale. It was a wild ride that earned us a nice bottle of Scotch. And a friendship was born.

Becca and John are wonderful friends—we were honored to be in their wedding—and they are excellent sailors. You may recognize Becca from her awesome column for 48 North, and John is an amazing photographer; in addition to these gorgeous photos of our girls, check out his instagram feed.



They’re going to leverage their phenomenal media skills to help us share our Northwest Passage adventures with the world. And help us stay alive!

We’re really excited to have John and Becca onboard with us! Currently they’re cruising their Valiant 40 Halcyon in Central America. You can read about their voyage at their blog: