Passage Pasta (One of Our Current Dreams)

Once upon a time there was a dad. He was a little (actually a lot) crazy. He had already decided that he and his family were going to move on to a boat. So, he had another idea. He and his two amazing daughters were going to start a pasta company, and sell pasta off their boat to anybody who actually wanted to buy pasta from a bunch of goofy americans. He was going to name the business Passage Pasta. The dad did some research, and was able to figure out how to actually make homemade pasta. (He had never actually done it before). They started out making simple egg pasta dough, and hand cutting it with a knife. The daughters said, ” This is actually really fun!”, so  they continued making more and more pasta. When the dad’s birthday came along, the amazing daughters decided to step up their game. They got their dad a super fancy “marcato pasta machine” , which is basically a cool little doohickey that cuts your pasta dough into evenly sized noodles (instead of risking all your fingers by carefully cutting out each piece with a sharp knife).  We’re still making pasta today, and hoping that we might actually make this dream happen.