Causes We Support

OceanConservancyOcean Conservancy: Confronting ocean acidification & climate change, protecting the Arctic, and promoting sustainable fisheries and trash-free seas.


100 million children, mostly girls, receive no education because they carry water for their families.
Water1stInternationalWater First International: Providing clean water and toilet facilities in communities that lack them, resulting in improved family health and girls’ empowerment.



big-city-mountaineersBig City Mountaineers: Mentoring under-resourced youth through camping, team building, outdoor skills, and wilderness expeditions.



KitsapHumaneSocietyKitsap Humane Society: Because, Talia and Savai say, Dogs and kittens!



Graeme and Talia with Milkshake, our loaner dog.





© Header image courtesy of Denis McGuirk, taken in Juneau, Alaska.