The Crew


The Skipper: Graeme

Graeme on unscrewed-headshot

My sea story started early.  When I was five I was home-schooled on a commercial salmon troller, fishing between Oregon and Alaska.  I still fish a lot, but lately I have been racing small boats to Alaska more than fishing there—see R2AK. I also raced our previous boat, Kotuku, a lot: Pacific Cup, VanIsle 360, Oregon Offshore, Swiftsure. When not doing boatwork, I was busy as the father of two girls and the president of Industrial Revolution, a local NW company that makes innovative outdoor gear. In my spare time—ha—I enjoy climbing, cooking, and tormenting my daughters with bad jokes.


The Co-Skipper: Janna

Version 2I grew up boating with my family in the Pacific Northwest, but gained my first offshore experience when Graeme and I sailed across the Pacific on our honeymoon. I wrote a book about it: The Motion of the Ocean: 1 Small Boat, 2 Average Lovers, & a Woman’s Search for the Meaning of Wife (Simon & Schuster). Since then I’ve been raising cain kids and writing about parenting and gender roles and the difficulty of keeping things on a (relatively) even keel. I was an English teacher before becoming a writer, so I’m particularly excited about boatschooling kids in the Arctic, a place I’m eager to learn about myself.


The First Mate: Talia

image.jpgLike my dad, I have been driving and navigating boats since about age 5.  I am way better at it than he was at my age. (I am 11 now.) [And quite modest! the skipper of Dogbark notes.] I love horses, geography, skiing, backpacking, rock climbing, snorkeling, making up strange and random dance moves, and playing the flute. I am excited to watch the Lippizaner stallions in Austria, and see the northern lights. I hate hats, hoods, and anything else that covers my extremely sincere face—except for pizza boxes of course, because who doesn’t like pizza? Oh yeah, and my mom wants me to mention that I was a finalist in my school’s GeoBee.


The Bosun: Savai

image1.jpgI’m in fourth grade and I love gymnastics, climbing the mast, and spending time with family.  I’m hoping to see narwhals, the green flash, and ride on a dogsled.  You can usually find me hanging out, upside down on whatever I can find.  [Savai is too modest to say this but, at her school, she is a junior librarian, a Kindness Challenge class rep, and a Circle of Friends participant. She is also a very hard worker and a great cook, plus she has never been sea sick. At least not yet . . . ]



Ace BowWoman: Becca



Bio coming . . .

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The Photographer, Chief Crawdad Killer, and Jack-of-all-trades: John



Bio coming . . .

Read about Becca and John’s current voyage at Halcyonwandering.







© Header image courtesy of Denis McGuirk, taken in Juneau, Alaska.